What to expect when taking a golf lesson

What To Expect When Taking a Golf  Lesson, and What the Golf Teacher Expects From You: You are ready and excited about taking some golf lessons with your local golf professional. Here are some things to expect from your teacher:

  • His or her undivided attention: Whether you have a 1/2 hour lesson or an hour lesson, your golf teacher should pay attention to you for the full lesson time and not be distracted by other things. I cannot tell you stories I have heard where the teacher is on the phone, or walks away and comes back 10 or 15 minutes later, leaving the student by herself. Totally unacceptable. If that happens to you, find another teacher and get your money back!
  • Act like a Professional: Your golf teacher should act and present themselves in such a manner that does not intimidate you and make your feel uneasy. This particular teacher may be okay for another student, but if you do not like it – again, go find another teacher.
  • He/she should ask you questions: They should ask you about any physical issues you may have that affect your swing. Also, they should be asking you questions about your golf swing and what your golf swing thoughts are. There should be a “give and take” relationship between teacher and student. If it is a one way conversation coming from the teacher, it will be a big turnoff for you.
  • Knowledge of the golf swing: This one should be pretty obvious, but a good teacher will communicate to you what you need to do to improve your swing. I like to say there are 12 ways to say one thing, and each student is different in finding that “one” thought that works for them.

NOW — Here are some things your teacher expects from you — the student:

  • Be on time! Nothing is more frustrating for the teacher then when his/her student is late to the lesson. Not only does this make the you feel rushed, but the teacher now has less time to teach you. You should be at your lesson 5 or 10 minutes before your scheduled time. The teacher will notice how dedicated you are and eager to learn!
  • Be warmed up. Please warm up before your lesson by hitting a few shots 10 – 15 minutes before your lesson time. That way you won’t pull a muscle during your lesson and the teacher can get right into the lesson without having to wait and watch you hit a few shots and waste precious lesson time.
  • Ask questions! Do not be afraid to ask a question if something confuses you. I find that more women than men have this issue of not speaking up. I make sure to ask my students a few times during the lesson if they have any questions. Please ask — the teacher wants to help you!
  • Pay attention. Sorry guys, but I have to give this one to you. I have had some male students that want to talk about what they are doing in their golf swing and just want me to watch them. They do not want to change their swing; they just want someone to talk to about their swing. I then mention that why did they book a lesson with me if they just wanted me to listen their critique of their swing? You come to a lesson to learn and improve, not to talk about your great golf swing — which obviously needs work¬† if you are coming to a lesson! Again, one way conversations – this time by the student – is not productive for student or teacher.

If you are aware of the above points, both you and your teacher will have a fun and enjoyable time working together to improve your golf game. Now go book a lesson and get to work on your golf game!

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