I have taken golf lessons in the past from other places and other PGA Pros like yourself, but I can honestly say that YOU have helped me the most in improving my game and showing me the correct way to swing the club and hit the ball. Without a doubt you have made me a better player and showed me the mistakes I have been struggling with for so many years now. You certainly are a very good teacher and I highly recommend to anyone that is sincere in improving their golf game to sign up with your Golf Academy. They will not regret it and will only improve their golf game from it. Thank you again and I intend on continuing to come for future golf classes to stay on top of my game.

S.F. , Sarasota

Your  short game school was tremendously helpful. Your pointers for sand play are terrific. My putting and chipping are much more consistent, and I am becoming more comfortable and much less frustrated with my regrooved swing for irons and woods. Many thanks.

JG, Ohio

Just a short note to express my appreciation for your help in lowering my golf score. I have taken many lessons from different PGA Professionals, and the best I could do was lower my handicap to 18. I often felt that achieving my goal was next to impossible — that is until I met you. After taking  just 6 lessons with you, I finally understand the mechanics that will enable me to lower my handicap. I am now hitting more fairways and greens, and my putting has improved enormously. My personal goal is finally within sight. I know I can do it. Thank you for all your help.

Mario P., Canada

I would like to tell you what I told my husband after my first lesson with you..‘Mary makes me want to play!’  Thank you for all your help.

Patti R., PA