I have played golf for more than 50 years. Received instruction from Top 100 teachers, attended big name golf schools — but no one has explained the fundamentals of the golf swing with greater clarity than Mary.

Stuart S, Canada

Your teaching re: weight shift, left hip turn first etc. really makes good shots!  The slight change in grip worked really well. Many, many thanks, Mary…. Keep up the good work.

MD, Wash., DC

OH MY GOD… We just got back from hitting balls on the range…what a difference! I actually had the sense of leaving the club behind, but it might have been euphoria taking over….Jeff is hitting farther and straighter than ever..Can’t wait to play again and CANNOT WAIT to have a lesson with video CD with you…

EK, Ohio

Thanks, Mary. I had fun and I learned a lot. You are a great instructor!

DA, Sarasota, FL