What clubs you need – Beginner vs Advanced Golfer

This question I hear quite often: “What clubs do I need? How many clubs? What am I looking for?…. Well.. that depends on your skill level. Let me explain this with my short primer on golf clubs……. You are allowed 13 clubs (plus your putter) in your bag, for a total of 14 clubs. When…
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Why Proper Posture is KEY

Keeping a consistent posture in your swing will improve your ball striking. Without proper posture, not only will it affect your balance, it will affect your swing path as well. How do you attain proper posture? For any club, it is the same procedure. In this order – you 1)bend from your hips; 2)let your…
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The Proper Balance of Practicing vs Playing

How much time do you put into your practice time versus your playing time? Depending on your skill level, it makes a big difference. With golf being a very personal game, the answer as to whether it’s better for a golfer to improve their scores by playing or practicing comes down solely to what they…
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