You can work on your golf swing without actually using a golf club

I cannot tell you how many times I have told a student to forget about the golf club and work on themselves. There are ways to improve your motion without ever touching a golf club.

I find that when a student just purely works on his or her body motion, they can start trusting  that the motion they make with their body should be the same balanced movement every time, regardless of club. (I am talking about full swings).  You may think that sounds strange – right? – forget club, don’t try to hit the ball , etc …. – but it really is the successful way to take the anxiety and stress over what the club should be doing in your golf swing. If your body is doing everything correctly, then you DO NOT have to think about what the club is doing at all!

I have a real life example if this situation, and I know I have told some of my students about it:

Years ago, when I taught in the Metro NY area, I had a student that was new to golf. He took about 5 lessons with me when he informed me that he had to travel overseas for business, and there way no way he could practice his golf. He said that when I would see him again in a month he would “stink” (I’m using a G rated word here :^0   ). I said that it wouldn’t be a problem  — if he works on his body motion every night for 10 or 15 minutes. I gave him specific exercises for posture and balance.  Then off he went, not to be seen until a month later………

To which he came back a month later and said to me “I did those drills, but I don’t know– since I didn’t actually hit balls, I am not so sure how I will do.”  First swing – hit it right down the middle. Second swing – same! Third swing – same! – right down the middle of the range.  He looked at me quizzickly, dumbfounded, speechless and happy at the same time. “How did I do that! I can’t believe I am hitting it so solid!” I told him — you worked on YOU. You didn’t worry about a ball, a golf club, a result. Since you worked on your body motion and grooved it into your muscle memory, the motion became trusted, smooth and effortless. Not swinging a club gave you freedom to think about body control. When you trust the motion of your body – keeping good posture and balance – the club will follow what the body is doing. You learn to stop hitting AT the ball and feel your are moving THROUGH the ball towards a balanced finshed.

End of story.  He was a happy golfer after that!

So.. in summary. Sometimes we may be unable to practice and hit balls – due to travel, health issues, weather conditions…but you CAN work on your swing motion WITHOUT a club. Stop by at SchiavettaGolf Academy  and we can help you with working on YOU, and as a result feel less stress about what the club should be doing.   🙂 🙂 🙂

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