Student Comments

Rocky’s Road to Success:

SchiavettaGolf Academy was my last effort to learn to play golf correctly. I had seriously considered hanging up the golf clubs, as golfing had not been fun for quite some time. I had been invited to play in a new group. I was a little intimidated as I saw men and women playing great golf and having fun — and wanted to play like that.  After my first series of lessons with Mary, I could see a connection with and her  and knew what I had to work on. Needless to say I had a few bad habits. As of today, I have shaved 19 strokes off of my score. I now know where the ball is going. My putting has improved. My fellow players have made several comments on my overall improvement of my golf game. I feel confidence like I never had before. Do you want to play better golf? Go see Mary at SchiavettaGolf Academy.   Rocky S, Sarasota, Fl

Mary fitted me for the new Epic driver, and it is the BEST DRIVER I have ever had!!  My chipping is getting pretty good as well. Thanks for your instruction!…R.W, Sarasota

Hey sister and I played 18 today, and I can’t tell you what a difference your lessons made for me! OMG, I was hitting it dead straight, and longer than I had been. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much….K. M, Michigan

Thank you Mary for my first ever golf lesson. It was a very positive experience. Looking forward to reaching out again soon for another one…K.K, Sarasota

“I would add my name to the many that have received instruction from your Academy. I have had many lessons from golf professionals in the past, and while many have provided help, none in my judgment have provided the level of instruction that has been provided to me….Your Academy is providing a great service to the game of golf and the people that want to learn to play it.” R.S., Michigan

“I just received my first set of golf clubs and wanted to learn the right way to play before I picked up any bad habits. I was so lucky to find Mary. Her school for beginners was more than I ever expected. She took us through every club, etiquette, a few important rules and brought it all together in the end by taking our class to a golf course. Her teaching techniques are very easy to understand. In just 5 short weeks I feel I have learned so much. I highly recommend Mary – she is the best!”…. K. Welch, Sarasota

” I have had more lessons than I care to admit, but no one, truly, no one has ever matched lessons with Mary. Her teaching skills, patience, sense of humor and understanding are exceptional. Luck us to have such talent here in Sarasota.” – MW, Canada

“I’m a 68 year old guy who has been playing golf since his early 40’s. It’s been about 20 years since I took lessons. I wanted to improve my contact on all of my shots, but I don’t have the time or the energy to take apart my game from “ground zero”. I found Mary’s website and I signed up for a series of lessons. Mary is a patient instructor, with lots of easy drill to do. She sticks with the fundamentals and her lessons about getting out of the sand were novel, and fabulous. I can say that my game has improved by 6 to 8 shots per 18 holes, and there may be more to come. I look forward to brushing up my game with her upon my return.” – Alan G., New Jersey

” Your kindness is beyond words. Can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your patience, skill as a teacher, all you have done to help me find a new sport to love. Thanks for your generosity , too. You’re one of a kind.” – E., Sarasota

” I have taken golf lessons in the past from other places and other PGA Pros like yourself, but I can honestly say that YOU have helped me the most in improving my game and showing me the correct way to swing the club and hit the ball. Without a doubt you have made me a better player and showed me the mistakes I have been struggling with for so many years now. You certainly are a very good teacher and I highly recommend to anyone that is sincere in improving their golf game to sign up with your Golf Academy. They will not regret it and will only improve their golf game from it.” Thank you again and I intend on continuing to come for future golf classes to stay on top of my game.”S.F., Sarasota

” Mary was very good at explaining how the swing path should be accomplished. Her  instructions were clear and easily understood. If I’m back in the area I would like to have more lessons with her “B.Q., Chicago, Ill. 

” Mary is a fantastic teacher. She keeps the tips flowing, and if at first you don’t succeed, she keeps tacking to new courses until she finds something that really hits home with you. Mary always had a plan for each of my lessons, yet she wasn’t going through some pre-formatted coaching regimen; she sincerely tried to find out about my game, my strengths, weaknesses and tendencies and worked hard to discover what would work for me.  She has got a ton of catchy sayings to help you remember things, too, and she also has the tools to analyze your swing speed, mechanics, and drive distances. Mary is a skilled athlete who doesn’t take the game or herself too seriously — which makes her the perfect coach for beginners and veterans alike.  Easy to talk to, funny, and very professional, I highly recommend Mary!”Rich G., Saudi Arabia

” I think the short game school was the best lesson I have taken — and I’ve taken a lot of lessons since I started playing two years ago. You are a great teacher! To make a lesson relevant for 6 people with varying degrees of skill is no small feat. You know how to make explanations understandable. I’ll be back for sure !”Cindy M, Sarasota, FL

” We moved to Florida, and since that allowed us to play year-round, we opted for lessons in hopes to make our golf play worthwhile. We found the SchiavettaGolf academy through some great online reviews, and after just one single one hour lesson, Mary was able to determine and correct some of our top mistakes; both my wife and I now have noticeable consistency in our drives with far better accuracy and distance. What impressed me most with Mary is that since I’m not a routine practiced golfer I obviously do a lot wrong. Mary was able to to allow me to mentally  trust the club and to let go and allow the club to follow through to a finish — it worked! Her ability to determine what I go through mentally by my mechanics really aided me in connecting some of my fundamental mistakes. My wife and I both agree lessons with Mary will pay off in building our confidence and desire to golf year-round. Many thanks Mary!”Fran and Olvy, Sarasota, FL

” I met Mary in April 2013 near the of my 6 months in Sarasota. She came highly recommended by another golf instructor who had recently retired. When a man recommends a woman, you just know she is going to be something special, and she is. She is the first PGA instructor who made me feel she understood my frustration. I’m a 5 foot 2 inch woman who wants to hit the ball straight and far enough to par a few holes. Her lessons were delivered in plain English with no fancy terms that I didn’t understand. Her training tips put me on the right path. Besides her teaching skills, she has a way of making her clients feel confortable, relaxed and capable of playing a better game. Being a lefty, all demonstration was backwards for Mary, but that didn’t slow her down a bit –  she simply swung lefty. My man and I are excited about returning to Sarasota in the fall and taking up where we left off. If you are serious about improving your game, I suggest you give her a call.”MW, Ontario

“Your  short game school was tremendously helpful. Your pointers for sand play are terrific. My putting and chipping are much more consistent, and I am becoming more comfortable and much less frustrated with my regrooved swing for irons and woods. Many thanks” JG, Ohio

” Just a short note to express my appreciation for your help in lowering my golf score. I have taken many lessons from different PGA Professionals, and the best I could do was lower my handicap to 18. I often felt that achieving my goal was next to impossible — that is until I met you. After taking  just 6 lessons with you, I finally understand the mechanics that will enable me to lower my handicap. I am now hitting more fairways and greens, and my putting has improved enormously. My personal goal is finally within sight. I know I can do it. Thank you for all your help” Mario P, Canada

“I would like to tell you what I told my husband after my first lesson with you..‘Mary makes me want to play!’  Thank you for all your help” Patti R., PA

I have played golf for more than 50 years. Received instruction from Top 100 teachers, attended big name golf schools — but no one has explained the fundamentals of the golf swing with greater clarity than Mary” Stuart S.,  Canada

Your teaching re: weight shift, left hip turn first etc. really makes good shots!  The slight change in grip worked really well. Many, many thanks, Mary…. Keep up the good work.”MD, Wash., DC

” OH MY GOD… We just got back from hitting balls on the range…what a difference! I actually had the sense of leaving the club behind, but it might have been euphoria taking over….Jeff is hitting farther and straighter than ever..Can’t wait to play again and CANNOT WAIT to have a lesson with video CD with you…”EK , Ohio

“Thanks, Mary. I had fun and I learned a lot. You are a great instructor!”  – DA, Sarasota

” Just to let you know how I am getting on after the lessons; I have had three games since being home – the first game I stank, the second game I shot 93 and the third game I broke 90. My putting has improved dramatically as I am now able to read the greens more accurately. I am persevering with the swing and and if I concentrate I can really belt the ball.” JS, England

” I always felt that I would really enjoy golf if I ever learned to play. I wish I had not waited so long to learn, but maybe that’s because I needed to find you! Your skill as a teacher has really made me love the game, no matter how many times I mess up. Many, many thanks. EM, Sarasota

“Thank you so very much for the opportunity to “try” the game of golf. I fully understand and appreciate the patience and fortitude that is required by someone of your caliber and qualifications towork with someone like me. You are a wonderful mentor, and please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your efforts”GS, Sarasota

 “Mary is a very committed golf coach who I have been working with for a few years, and she has helped me reach my goals on where I want to extend my golf game and beyond. I told her last summer that I wanted to play on the golf team at my high school, which is a very good golf team, and she worked with me every day of the week so that I could make the team! She has drills that are easy to do around the house for practice and gives clear instructions. Mary has helped my golf game tremendously.”EA, Sarasota