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I would add my name to the many that have received instruction from your Academy. I have had many lessons from golf professionals in the past, and while many have provided help, none in my judgment have provided the level of instruction that has been provided to me….Your Academy is providing a great service to the game of golf and the people that want to learn to play it.”

R.S., Michigan




Take your child’s golf game to the next level with junior golf lessons at Schiavetta Golf Academy

The SchiavettaGolf Academy at Evie’s Golf Center in Sarasota, Florida offers year-round instructional programs.

Taught by the finest PGA Professionals in the area, area, SchiavettaGolf Academy provides a variety of golf schools and private/semi-private golf lessons for novice and accomplished golfers.

During lessons we use a variety of training products to help improve your game. These training aids can be purchased through our preferred store golftrainingaids.com. Enter promo code: 56085 and receive a 10% discount!

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