Thursday, June 18

RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! As of 10:30 am this morning, there is a weather delay… I had a nice breakfast with my Mom, got back to my sister’s house, put on the rainsuit — and no go! I will keep checking to see when play resumes, and I will try going again.. My siblings have been very helpful in helping me to “jog” memories of Bethpage Black and Bethpage State Park.. and some of the things they have written I did not know myself.. Since we are in a weather delay and I can not talk much about the golf — though Tiger is plus 1 after 6 holes He double bogeyed the 5th hole and birdied the 6th so he has stopped play on the 7th green …. a little more background about my family and Bethpage. My grandfather, John, started working at Bethpage State Park in 1933, worked full time until 1965, then part time until 1968. He was the greenskeeper for 17 years, the last 8 he was head greenskeeper for all the courses. He started out as a laborer and then later become foreman in charge of the Green Course. The Green Course was the only original course to the park– it’s original name was Lenox Hills Golf Club. Eventually he became “head greenskeeper” of all the courses plus the polo fields. The current manager of the park, Dave Catalano, worked for him. The Green Course, originally called Lenox Hills, was built in 1922. Bethpage Park then purchased the course in 1933. A.W. Tillinghast was hired to design and oversee the construction of the Red, Blue, and Black courses, as well as modify the Lenox Hills course, which became the Green course. Due to the incresed demand for golf, the Yellow course was added in 1958. I remember my father telling me about how when the Yellow Course opened, they had an opening ceremony, and Robert Moses was there. Robert Moses was the “master builder” of the mid 20th century in the Long Island, New York and Westchester areas. A majority of Long Island’s major roadways were planned by him. Mr. Moses called my grandfather out from the crowd and thanked him! My father said it was one very proud moment for both himself and my grandfather… My grandfather would be so proud to know that a US Open is being played on the course that he helped build… OK, I am getting emotional — I am taking a time out! Will keep you posted on the goings on later today – and with a few more stories to share…. Below is a picture of the 18th hole of Black Course, courtesy of my nephew Daniel.. 18thGreenView

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