Stare at the Hole to Improve Your Putting

Do you stare at the ball when you putt? — Of course you do….but in other sports, you do not stare at the object that you want to propel…for example, if you stared at your hand as you shot a basketball or stared at a baseball as you throw it, you would not throw it very straight! So next time you become ‘ball bound’ when you are putting, try this: step away from the putt and look at the hole as you make your practice strokes (do NOT look down at ball!). Now step into your stance,  place your putter behind the ball, then, while looking at the HOLE,  make your putting stroke. You will be amazed how accurate you can be because you are not fixated on the ball. Give it a try! PS — this also helps with your full swing in that you want to move through the ball towards the target, and not stop your motion to hit the ball..

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