Playing lessons now available!

As an added feature this summer, I will be giving playing lessons for those of you interested in improving your golf I.Q.  You practice on the range to improve your muscle memory and work on a consistent swing motion; but I find that some can be a great range player but not so great golf course player. Why? Well, first off you hit ball after ball on the range – at one target – until you ‘get it right’. Not on the course golf! It’s one swing at the ball  – and one swing only. This creates a tremendous amount of anxiety. You always play a lot of different shots on the golf course – I’m sure some that you haven’t even practiced at the range! Playing lessons help the student by focusing on each shot at hand — visualizing the ball flight; deciding which club to use, and why. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a student choose the wrong club — and they knew it! – but they wanted to make sure that if they flub the shot it won’t be that bad. Well – they’ve already decided that they might flub the shot (first bad thought), then their swing will not be a confident one because they are thinking about possibly flubbing it (Bad thought #2). Another situation I see is that students don’t pick enough club to get to the green. They are aiming to just get it on somehow instead of analyzing 1.what the distance is to front of green 2. what the distance is to back of green 3. Choosing a club that you KNOW will not fly past back of the green, but will definitely clear the front of the green. Another example:  where in the tee box should you tee off from – it’s not always in the middle. There is a strategy to that as well! Playing lessons also help in that if you are unsure of the rules – for example –  ball in water hazard, or ball unplayable – we would cover that so that you can feel confident about calling a ruling on yourself and helping your playing partners with their rules situations as well. I would rather play with a higher handicap golfer who knows the rules  than a lower handicap golfer who has no idea what he or she is doing when their ball lands on a cart path  – and then you have to help them out all the time.  Like my last blog post — know your rules! If you are interested in improving your golf course management, then give me a call. I have limited dates and times available and they will go fast. They are private, one-on-one playing lessons, so I can give my fullest attention to one student for 9 holes. They will be held at Venetian Golf & River Club. For more details, please call me at 941-350-1653. I will be waiting for your call!  

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