Know Your Rules!

There are 34 rules listed in the USGA Rules Book. Do you need to know them all by heart? No – but there are a few rules that you do need to know because these rules ‘situations’ occur all the time on the golf course: Out of Bounds. This is a ‘stroke and distance’ penalty —  meaning there is only ONE option. Go back to where you last played your shot and add a stroke. example: Your hit your tee shot O.B. you have to re-tee it and now your are hitting your THIRD shot.  (Rule 27) Ball goes into Water Hazard : One stroke penalty and you get relief. Different options depending on which type of hazard you are in. (Rule 26). Ball in motion hits a ball that is at restA penalty occurs depending on where the ball was struck from. From off the green, no penalty — but if ball was on putting green and your ball hits a ball on that same putting green — 2 stroke penalty. (Rules 18,19) Ball Unplayable: ex: Your ball is stuck in a tree root or in the bushes and you can’t make a swing at it. One stroke penalty and you get relief. (Rule 28) The above is a general description, so please consult these rules for a more specific and indepth answer. These situations happen all the time on the golf course. You should know these rules! You will become a better player for it, and your playing partners will appreciate that you know what your are doing. I highly recommend your go to the USGA website and watch the video on rules situations, take a rules quiz, look up a ruling. It is quite indepth and will help you get a better sense of what the rules are and that the rules in the book  help you get out of some tough situations. Click this link to access the USGA website:     

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