Invest in golf lessons first, then golf clubs

According to the National Golf Foundation, only 11% of all golfers take golf lessons. 11%! Some golfers think they can fix the swing by themselves — so they go watch the golf channel or read a golf magazine, buy a new driver, then go to the range and spend $$ on range balls and still cannot hit the ball well. Is it the “Indian” (the golfer) or the “Arrow” (the club)? I have had golfers come to me to get fitted for a new driver or set of irons. Once I see them swing, I have to tell some of them that I cannot fit them because their swing is not consistent and the ball flight is different in every swing they make. I then tell them that they need to take some lessons and work on their swing..THEN they can get fitted for clubs. So, instead of going out and buying the latest driver, take a lesson –or 2 or 3…You will be surprised how it is not the club but your swing that needs work. Now, golf clubs these days are much easier to swing and will help you with you straighten out, to some extent, your mishits…..but you can still hit a slice with your new $500 driver just as well as your old one. It is your SWING  not the club! So please —  take a lesson from your local PGA or LPGA Professional. It will be well worth it.

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