How to Make a Perfect Backswing

If you do not know what your clubface or clubshaft should look like at the top of your backswing, or your ballstriking is inconsistent, then please read on! Like most golfers, your swing gets off to a good start – you start swinging the club back, start turning your shoulders, and then – things go awry. All of a sudden you stop turning your shoulders and use your arms to finish the backswing. That will be a major problem when you start your downswing, as now your arms have overtaken your backswing and there is no way you can control them. Remember, your SHOULDERS control your backswing, not your arms. Your shoulders can only turn so far, but your arms can go on forever! I like to use the visual that your left arm (your right arm for lefthanders), and your shoulder stay connected. As you swing your left arm back – keep it moving along the target line in your backswing. Your shoulder turn will bring the club up and around to finish your backswing. At the top of your backswing, you should feel that your hands are far away from your body, and you feel tension in your core and in your back leg. Remember, your left arm is free to swing and your shouders are free to turn, but they DO NOT work independently of one another. Now, everyone’s flexibility is different. If  you can only turn your shoulders so far, then that’s where the arms should stop as well. Do not try to keep going with your arms, or you become “disconnected”. It is quite tempting to pick up the club on the backswing and then swing it down and try to whack it. That will lead to inconsistent ballstriking. Plus — you may hurt yourself!  You will not hit the ball solidly in the middle of the clubface. You must keep that connection between your lead arm and your shoulders on the backswing. By keeping that connection, while at the same time keeping your posture, you have a better chance of making a more solid move on the downswing and at striking the ball more solidly.  

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