How to choose a sand wedge — what ‘bounce’ is and why it matters

When Gene Sarazen created the first sand wedge, he was creating what we now call ‘bounce’.  Bounce is the angle of the sole measured against a horizontal line (the ground) when the club is in address position and the shaft is vertical. Wedges with a higher bounce angle perform better out of fluffy sand or high grass. A  lower bounce will perform better on golf courses with thin bunker beds and and tight lies. The “thump” you hear when the pros hit sand shots is the bounce on the sole of the club making the first contact with the sand and not the leading edge digging in. FINISH Wedges come in a variety of finishes including polished chrome, satin, black/gunmetal and raw. All finishes wear slightly over time and you should choose one that sets up best to your eye at address. The only finish with performance benefits is the raw finish which will rust over time and helps add spin Which wedges are best for you? If you play on course with lush conditions and fluffy sand, a higher bounce will benefit you most (10 – 14 degree bounce angle).  If you play on tight fairways and hard conditions, low bounce wedges are  better ( 0 -10 degree bounce angle). Do you need a lob wedge? From time to time you will be faced with shots that require high carries over bunkers or water hazards to tight pin positions. You can certainly hit those shots with an open faced sand wedge, but a lob wedge makes it much easier. Lob wedges are used most commonly when players need very high trajectories and a lot of spin. Lob wedges come in lofts from 58 – 61 degrees. Because of its wide sole, lob wedges can be used for high, soft sand shots. Bounce angles of 10 – 13 degrees are preferable. Why? Added bounce makes it easier to play without digging too deeply into the turf. SchiavettaGolf Academy will be having a wedge clinic this Saturday, December 4th, from 12 – 1 pm.  We will show you different wedges and how they perform under different conditions, and which one(s)  will work best for your game.

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