How may wedges do you need?

Pros have up to 4 wedges in the golf bags — a pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge. Do you need that many? It depends… Pitching wedges come in all full sets of clubs that you buy. But some sets do not come with a sand wedge.. but it is IMPERATIVE that you one. You will need it out of the sand and around the green for high, soft shots. Standard loft of a sand wdge is 56 degrees. Get one….you will use it more than your pitching wedge — it is more versatile. The gap wedge usually is about 52 degrees. It is called ‘gap’ because it flies farther than the sand wedge, but less than the pitching wedge. If there is a big gap between your sand and pitching wedges on full swings, a gap wedge will fit in nicelyto your set of clubs. Finally, the lob wedge— the club that gets all the attention. It is Phil Mickelson’s favorite club…and a favorite of a lot of other pros. This club runs in the 60 – 64 degree category, producing very high, soft landing shots with a lot of spin. It takes practrice to get used to the loft – this club is used not for disance but for those those difficult shots where touch and feel are used to the max. So, you can have four wedges in your bag. If  you practice with them, they will each save you strokes on your scorecard. We have Callaway wedges for you to try. Stop by and see what wedges you need to complete your set of clubs.

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