Fix the Flip

Do you top your shots or hit behind the ball — 0r your balls go left? (for right handers). The may cause may be that you are flipping your wrists on the downswing, which results in a loss of distance and accuracy. 60% of your power is lost when you flip your wrists on the downswing. What happens is that when your start your downswing with the hands and arms, the club head ends up swinging past the handle of the club before impact, and your wrists end up flipping and ‘cupping’ through impact. As I have told my students, the club head never, ever, ever — passes the club handle on the downswing. The club head lags behind as the club handle gets pulled forward – and this happens by using your core and legs to move through the shot. It is mentally tough to picture the club handle leading the club head through impact – a lot of my students don’t believe or trust that the club head will get to the ball in time – but it does. There is so much power stored up in the club head by you keeping the handle ahead that there is no way the club head cannot swing through. It is called centrifugal force –  which we can’t control, but we sure as heck can try and interfere with! We interfere with this force by trying to start our downswing  with our arms and hands. So how do we avoid the dreaded flip? By #1 – NOT thinking about your hands and arms and #2- By using the rotation of your hips and movement of your legs to move the cub through. Call me or stop by and make and appointment for a golf lesson,  and I will show you how to avoid the dreaded ‘flip’.      

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