Do You Have a Pre-Shot Routine?

Most golfers have a pre-shot routine, but when I ask them what it is, they are not sure. One of the biggest difference between a tour player and an average golfer is that the tour player will never walk in from the side and make a practice swing right next to the ball. He or she faces the target from behind the ball to visualize the shot, and makes a couple of gentle practice swings with his/her eyes on the target before stepping in. When you approach from the side, it distorts your view of target and messes up your aim. DO NOT make a few practice swings with your feet planted and then reach for the ball to hit it. I also ways tell my students: once you pick our your target from at least 10 feet behind the ball, then you find a spot 1 or 2 feet in front of the ball on the target line. Then as you walk up to ball aim CLUBFACE to BALL to SPOT ON TARGET LINE. Make sure club face is square to that target line. Then you step into it with your stance and make parallel lines with your feet and the target line. Clubface -> Ball -> Spot on Target Line – > then take your Stance Going through the steps of a pre-shot routine will have an enormous effect on your confidence and will distract you from negative thinking. Annika Sorenstam says her routine was 24 seconds every time. Making it meticulous is key to making your focus  as positive as it can be. Watch the world’s best players and see that they all have a strong routine.

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