Demo Day Recap

Callaway Demo Day Recap- This past Saturday Callaway Golf was out at SchiavettaGolf Academy at Evie’s Golf Center.  This is the first time SchiavettaGolf had a demo day in November — and it was a success! The golfers who showed up to try the variety of clubs were quite impressed how much better control and distance they were getting with the Callaway golf clubs. Those who went on the Trackman flight monitor also saw how their current driver compared with the Callaway drivers — and there was a big difference in trajectory and distance. Does the proper loft on your driver affect your distance…YES. Case in point: One golfer showed up to try 2 Callaway Octane drivers — same club but in different lofts. Both drivers were much better than the current club that the golfer was trying…one driver was 11.5 degrees and the other was 13 degress of loft. I was watching them hit both — I can see that the 13 degree was going too high and therefore not getting enough distance. There is a law of diminishing returns when it come to loft. Just because you need loft (which most people need more of), make sure you get the PROPER loft. SchiavettaGolf has the Callaway Optifit club fitting system — we can fit heads with different lofts to a variety of golf shafts to find the best fit FOR YOU. I want to thank everyone who came to the demo day this past Saturday. If you missed this one the next demo day is scheduled for Saturday, Feb 27th, 2011….

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