Awful shots add up to an Awful Score

We all hit bad shots during a round of golf — yes even the Tour Players hit bad shots — but their bad shots are only 20 feet left or right of the flagstick! If your average score is 105, then you probably hit about 8 awful shots per round, while a golfer who shoots around 80 has about two. The problem is that when you hit an awful shot, you follow up with another one. Why is that? Because frustration kicks in after the first bad shot and you are not thinking properly on the next shot. You have to calm down, assess the situation and forget the last shot. Remember the old adage that “you play one shot at a time.”  Forget the awful shot and continue on — you can still salvage your score on the hole.  Do not give up just because you hit a bad shot. Years ago I played in a  Womens professional golf event. It was a par 3 of 180 yards. Well, I hit my tee shot so fat, the divot practically went farther than the ball! I was embarrassed to say the least. But I focused on my second shot and hit it to 2 feet of the pin and made a par. That felt like a birdie to me, and I knew if I can come back from that awful tee shot I could come back from any future bad shots. So play one shot at a time, and after you hit a bad shot (which will happen), the most important shot of the day is the next one. Do not lose your focus!

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