Are there gaps in your set makeup?

While giving lessons to students, I have come across some students that have gaps in their set makeup. This means they may have a driver and 3 wood, then their next club down is a 5 iron through pitching, then no sand wedge. You can have up to 30-40 yards between your 3 wood and 5 iron that you are missing by not having clubs that fill in that gap. At the same time, having a 7 wood and 4 iron is like having the same club that will hit the same distance. Also, you MUST have a sand wedge to help you get out of the greenside bunkers. They are designed differently that a pitching wedge and will be much easier to get your ball out of the bunkers. Take one of those out, and add a club that will fill in your “gaps”. You can have up to 14 clubs in your bagĀ  (13 plus your putter). Go through your set and see what you are missing to so you can improve your score using the right clubs for the right distances. Take a look into your bag, and then stop by SchiavettaGolf Academy @ Evie’s Golf Center and I will gladly help you with any recommendations of what you need to fill in those “gaps”. Happy Golfing!

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