2015: To A Healthier and Happier You

  It’s the New Year once again, and once again most of us make up some sort of New Year’s resolution. Do we stick with it? Do you? Well, I’m a firm believer in staying in shape – not only for my golf swing but also health wise. The following are a few tips to give your golf swing (and you!) a healthy start to the New Year. In general: Proper Posture is one tip that everyone must be aware of. Make sure your are not hunched over the ball at address, and your weight is evenly balanced between your feet. Keep your chin up, back straight, and avoid too much bending of the knees. I like to say “stand tall to the ball” Flexibility Drills:   http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid971154318001?bckey=AQ~~,AAAAAF2Us00~,Rbu_hiL-7DPSL9-0N4PtiAYW__4JJpzv&bclid=0&bctid=1161861760001 http://video.golfdigest.com/watch/make-the-turn-weekly-challenge-43-back-and-shoulder-booster Before you even start to hit balls, stretching is a must! Try these: 1. While holding a club with right hand on top of handle and club placed on ground about an arm’s length away from your right leg,  kick your right leg forward and backward ten times. Try to get as high as possible. If you feel a little tightness, that’s is where the kick extension ends. Now switch hands and sides and do the same on the left side. 2. Hold club on top of handle with right hand, but now the club is placed on ground in front of you an arm’s length away. Kick your rick leg sideways laterally along your foot line – back and through. Do this then times and switch to left leg, placing club in left hand. Power Drills: I have my students use a weighted driver to hit balls. The weight of the club forces you to use the muscles of your body, in particular the torso. If a weighted drive is not available, use a donut on the end of your club, or take two of your irons and swing them. If you go to a gym, throw a medicine ball. This gives you the proper feeling of releasing your whole body into the shot while keeping you balance. They are thousands of drills to help you build up your strength and flexibility, the above are just a few. If you do some sort of stretching and flexibility each day you would be surprised how much easier it is to swing the club, and how much more power you have. My goal is to stay in shape this year and to improve even more my overall health and flexibility. I am calling 2015 the YEAR OF A BETTER YOU. We will continue to talk about this topic throughout the year. Look in the future for more clinics on this topic, as it is important for golf, but more importantly, for your HEALTH. Happy New Year!      

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