2009 Men’s US OPEN BLOG – Bethpage, NY

On my way to the Open…..

Just checked the weather for Bethpage…not too promising for the next week. Temps in the 60’s and 70’s, with 40 percent chance of rain. My sister just called to say “bring your rain gear!” The weather in the northeast has been horrible so far. They are predicting cool weather and rain for the summer… Well, I shall pack my rainsuit! As I recall from the last time  (and the first) time the US Open was played at Bethpage, it was also rainy. Oh well — here’s to hoping for some decent weather… A Little Background For those who do not know my background in golf, I was born and raised in Bethpage. Most of my family still lives there. I started playing golf after college (I went to Syracuse University on a basketball scholarship). My father, Daniel Schiavetta, played golf at Hofstra University on Long Island. Myself and my other 5 siblings played every sport imaginable — except golf! We thought it was boring! Took too long! There was no running involved!  I did get hooked on golf after college, and that is when I started playing golf at Bethpage State Park.  There are 5 courses at Bethpage — yellow, green, blue, red and black.  From yellow to black — the “easiest” to the “hardest”….. That is my initiation to the golfing world – playing the courses at Bethpage State Park. I do remember being very young and going to the Park on Sundays with my family — they had polo matches there, but I do not believe they hold them there anymore.  My family does also have some more connections with Bethpage State park and it golf course… and I will fill you in on that next time. Until then, my next blog will be from Bethpage… talk to you soon!


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