Playing out of the Fescue (long grass)

You have managed to hit your tee shot into the fescue. You are in jail - or maybe not -- Your first order is to determine if you can have a swing at it and to get it out in one swing. It is very easy for the long grass to get wrapped around the hosel...
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A golf excursion

Well -- I'm back! Just came back from playing some golf at Shinnecock Hills on Long Island - sight of the 2018 Men's US Open. I say some golf, as we were playing in rain all day and it got even worse after the 11th hole!

So -- we ended up playing 11 holes!  Though it definitely...

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Adjusting your game for dry weather

When there is no rain in sight and the golf course dries out, here are a few tips for playing in dry weather conditions:
  1. Your drive off the tee will roll farther. That's great news! You may get and extra 30-40 yards off your tee shots. However, be aware that with more roll comes with...
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What great golfers do right before impact

Great golfers right before impact are in the 'green light, 'all systems go' position. From this position, the forces are so strong that the club will spring through the hitting area and hit the ball solidly. A perfect example if that of Jon Rahm, who lost to Dustin Johnson in the final round of the...
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