Putting is 43% of your score..

They say putting is more of an 'art' than a 'science'-- but you need to know the mechanics before you can become an artist on the putting green. DRILLS for PUTTING: Okay there are thousands of drills for putting, but I use these 3 a lot because it incorporates both the mechanics and the mental side of...
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Jordan Spieth won the 2017 British Open by using the Rules of Golf to his advantage. He took an unplayable lie from where his tee shot landed. Under penalty of 1 stroke, the options for an unplayable lie are: 1: Go back to where you last played; 2: Take two clubs lengths...
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Playing out of the Fescue (long grass)

You have managed to hit your tee shot into the fescue. You are in jail - or maybe not -- Your first order is to determine if you can have a swing at it and to get it out in one swing. It is very easy for the long grass to get wrapped around the hosel...
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A golf excursion

Well -- I'm back! Just came back from playing some golf at Shinnecock Hills on Long Island - sight of the 2018 Men's US Open. I say some golf, as we were playing in rain all day and it got even worse after the 11th hole!

So -- we ended up playing 11 holes!  Though it definitely...

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