Your footwork is KEY to a consistent downswing

The power in the golf swing starts from the ground and works its way up. Your feet and legs transmit the power to your arms and then the golf club. That is why you need a stable base when starting  the downswing. If your feet are twisting and spinning, you are losing the power and the path of the club into the hitting area.Your back foot should come off the ground gradually from the insides of your back foot and then up on the toe.

Try the water bottle drill: Place a water bottle next to the outside of your back foot. On the downswing, you should not knock that water bottle over! If you do, you are performing the dreaded foot spin/twist. See pics below:

Back Foot Stable- YES

Back Foot Spin – NO





So — if you or any of your friends are doing the “twist and spin” please call me and let’s fix it!

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