Why the loft of your driver and the lofts of your wedges are so important

Loft plays a big factor in what driver and wedges you use. Not everyone will fit into the same driver loft. For example, two women can have the same lofted driver but one hits the ball higher for more distance and the other hits the ball lower for less distance. So that is where they both need different lofted drivers, each fit for their own individual swing. Why do you think with the same lofted driver they get different results?

  1. Swing speed – the speed the club travels increases the ‘smash factor’ and loft.
  2. Clubhead path – if path is too much from outside, or vice versa, affects spin rate
  3. Spin rate – too low a spin rate = less height/distance; too high a spin rate = less distance
  4. Smash Factor – clubhead-  square contact into ball; higher smash factor = better compression = better spin = better distance.

So the same two women, due to their swing tendencies, will have different distances for the same lofted driver.

The same with wedges. You may have heard that everyone needs to have a 60 degree lob wedge. Not necessarily — maybe you need a 58 degree lob wedge. Or, maybe you need a wedge between your sand wedge and pitching wedge.

You need wedges to:

  1. Get you out of sand (sand wedge)
  2. Get you out of the rough (sand  wedge)
  3. Hit a chip shot up on the green (gap wedge)
  4. Hit a pitch over bunkers (lob wedge)

Sand wedges have more ‘bounce’ in them, (bounce: angle between the ground and the sole of the club) that is why they are great out of bunkers and heavy rough. The gap and lob wedges have less ‘bounce’, so they won’t dig in as much as a sand wedge. That is why they are great for chipping and pitching.

The short game is very key in improving your game. Find the right wedges that work FOR YOU. We at SchiavettaGolf Academy can help you find the right wedge combination for you!

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