Why Proper Posture is KEY

Keeping a consistent posture in your swing will improve your ball striking. Without proper posture, not only will it affect your balance, it will affect your swing path as well.

How do you attain proper posture? For any club, it is the same procedure. In this order – you 1)bend from your hips; 2)let your arms hang straight down; 3)hands together – this is where you grip the club ;4) Unlock your knees; 5) weight in middle of feet. I find the best visual is one where while you are in your golf stance you are ‘looking over a roof of a building’, NOT ‘sitting on a bar stool’.

From this position, your angles are set: straight back, shoulders wide and open (not hunched), arms hanging straight down from your shoulder sockets (not reaching out and not stuck inside your shoulder sockets), and looking at the ball over your cheek bones, NOT over your eyebrows. This is your address position for every club.

Your body turns back and through in a golf swing, and you must stay in your posture that you had established at address! A good drill is to take a club and place it across your shoulders and practice turning back and through while staying in your posture.

People think that when they miss the ball it  is because they were not staring at the ball. I show them that is not why they missed it! I show them by making a swing while staring intently at the ball and I purposely miss it. They do not realize that I stood up and came out of my posture, and that’s why I missed the ball. I then make a swing and while staying in my posture,  I turn my head and look towards the target as  I hit the ball. They are amazed that I didn’t see the ball and still hit it.  BUT – I kept my posture — so I knew where the club was during my  swing and through  impact.

When you can keep your posture consistent, your balance on your downswing becomes much better as well. They are related – Good Posture = Good Balance. If either one is off, it affects the other. And that will affect your swing path through the hitting area. Not good.

So –  the more your keep your posture throughout your swing, the better your balance and swing path will be.


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