Why Getting Properly Fit Clubs Is So Important

Chances are, you’re using the wrong golf clubs. Unless you current set was assembled with the help of a competent custom club fitter – and that’s not the case for most golfers – you’re likely giving up yards, accuracy, consistency and, ultimately, strokes. Getting fit for your golf clubs is very important to how you make solid contact with the ball.

So even if you are a beginner at golf — a proper fitting is essential to help you play better.

Beginners’ Fitting Keys:

  • Length – Puts the player in the most athletic posture to make the most repeatable swing they can at this level.
  • Lie –   Helps to get the club moving thru the turf in the most consistent manner possible, coupled with the ability to counter their miss tendencies.
  • Head Model – Select a head design for them that is the most forgiving and works with their tendencies.
  • Shaft Flex – Beginners must have the proper shaft weight and flex that maximizes consistency and distance output.
  • Grip Size – Do they have a grip type that works with the weather they play in most often, and do they have the proper grip size based on their hand size and shot pattern they desire.

From this point they can take lessons, practice, and start on working on getting better, because now they have clubs that works with their body frame and beginning tendencies.

Please stop by SchiavettaGolf Academy @ Evies Golf Center and check out our Callaway Club Fitting Cart and meet our Certified Callaway Fitting Specialists and get fit today for clubs fit for YOUR swing.


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