What Makes Me A PGA Professional

What does it take to become a PGA Professional? Occasionally I will get a question on why I became a PGA Professional, and why SchiavettaGolf Academy staffs only Certified Class A PGA Professionals.

When I started the process  years ago, I commited myself to become the best teaching professional that I could be. I had the opportunity early in my career to work with established PGA Professionals at  prestigious clubs. They gave me the encouragement to pursue my dreams and gave me some great advice. The first thing they said was there is no shortcut. You can’t just start teaching and call yourself a golf professional. Nope.

It took me a me a few years to do all the work to become eligible for membership into the PGA of America.  It was hard. You had to learn not only how to teach, but golf club management, turf management, food and beverage management, retail store management and buying plans, golf club repair, and I’m sure I’m missing a few subjects. The final task was to appear before PGA Members and pass an oral interview.

Whew! Can’t tell you how relieved and proud I was to pass that interview! I was now a PGA Professional and a member of the PGA Professional Association of America. The year was 1996. I remember the sense of accomplishment that I felt walking out that door.

There are certain classes  of PGA Professionals, for example, Class A-1 is a Head Professional at a golf course, Class A-2 is a PGA Head Professional at a PGA recognized driving range (that’s my classification), and it goes up to 31 classes! You  can google it and read up on all the classes.

Now the education doesn’t end there. Every 3 years you must be recertified in order to keep  your Class A status. You earn credits by attending education seminars, rules seminars, teaching seminars and  club fitting seminars.  If you don’t keep up and earn your credits you are dropped out of Class A and fall into Class F. When you are in Class F – you have to start all over again from square 1.

Some people think that it is easy to become a PGA Professional (or LPGA – I just decided to go the PGA Member route).  It takes years to achieve membership status, and knowledge of all things golf.

Why do I only have PGA Professional Class A Members on staff at SchiavettaGolf Academy? The reasons above. They know their stuff. Inside and out. I know they have years of  knowledge and experience backing them up. The PGA of America backs them up. So next time you hear of some person who “gives lessons” and they say the are a “golf professional”, ask them — PGA or LPGA? You know you are getting quality instruction and loads of experience from our Class A Certified PGA Golf Professionals at SchiavettaGolf Academy.

That’s how I became a PGA Professional. Every PGA Professional has a different story to tell in how they became a PGA Member, but know that they have a ton of golf experience, and they want to help you achieve your goals and enjoy this great game of golf.


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