What great golfers do right before impact

Great golfers right before impact are in the ‘green light, ‘all systems go’ position. From this position, the forces are so strong that the club will spring through the hitting area and hit the ball solidly. A perfect example if that of Jon Rahm, who lost to Dustin Johnson in the final round of the World Golf Classic Dell Match Play Championship in Texas.

Point #1-  He stays in his posture as he moves through the hitting area. If you come out of or change your posture in this area no good shot will come out of it! His head is centered. Remember, your head may swivel, but does not move forward until after impact.

Point #2 – He clears his hips to create the powerful unwinding to propel the cub through the ball.

Point #3: He keeps the angle between his left arm and the club shaft at 90 degrees. This is called the ‘power angle’ and creates tremendous speed and power. The only way to do this is to START YOUR DOWNSWING WITH YOUR HIPS/LEGS, NOT your arms! By keeping in your posture and using your hips and legs when starting your downswing you will be surprised to see that keeping this angle is easier than you thought.

After this position — the “slot” as it’s called in golf – you can just rotate your body through and release the club fully. Ben Hogan said he felt like at this position he had 3 right hands.

So go to it! Practice your positions and watch the ball fly farther and straighter! Contact me to help you achieve this. 941-350-1653.

Jon Rahm


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