What are your golfing goals for 2016?

What are your golfing goals for 2016? If your handicap is above 25 — it is working on getting a consistent motion in your golf swing to make solid contact more consistently; working on a consistent setup and pre shot routine; working on your short game – what a pitch versus a chip is; deciding whether to putt, chip or pitch your next shot. Learning about basic shots around the green will cut your score immediately.

If your handicap is between 10-25 — same thing! Maybe you need to know more about course management – what club to use and why – and still work on your short game. Work on those ‘trouble’ shots — shots under trees, pitches over water. You need to build confidence with executing these shots.

If your handicap is 10 and below – You know your swing and know what works for you. You need to refine your wedge distances, be able to hit your second shots onto the greens but closer to the pin, and getting ‘up and down’ in two shots max. Work on your lag putting and dialing in your correct yardages for each of your clubs. Dial in your wedges! You should know the correct distances for all of your wedges – from your lob to your pitching wedge.

So working on your golf game for players with different handicaps may be somewhat different, but in any case you all need to practice! Come on out to SchiavettaGolf Academy and improve your handicap! Happy New Year!

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