Some Factors in Hitting the Ball Further

Jason Day just won the PGA Championship this past month. He generates power an accuracy by doing some things that we can be aware of,  and thus do ourselves.

#1: Use and intermediate target. Jason looks at a spot on the ground 3-4 feet in front of his ball. He wants the ball to go over that spot. It helps with his alignment and also makes him feel an athletic swing  through the ball over that intermediate target to a full finish.

#2: Use a Driver with enough loft. Do you know Jason uses a 10.5 degree driver? A lot of amateur golfers play with lofts less then that! What does that tell you? Get your driver loft tested out at SchiavettaGolf Academy – we can help you find the right loft. If Jason uses a 10.5 driver, we need to increase ours as well!

#3: Tee up the ball so half the ball is above the club. I see a lot of amateurs tee ball the ball too low and too high. Too low and you top or chop it; too high and you swing too much up and pop it up.

#4: Waggle the club to rehearse and relax. Jason has very soft arms and hands when he swings. I tell everyone that tension in these places is the #1 cause of loss of distance. You have to be relaxed, yet ready to go at address. Be athletic, don’t be a robot.

Those 4 factors are what Jason Day has in his swing. Pretty simple fixes  – so let’s get out there and work on them. You would be surprised how much difference these 4 items will do to your power and accuracy.


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