Re-evaluate your golf clubs

If you feel that you aren’t improving in your golf game- it may be your golf clubs.

5 signs that you need new golf clubs:

1)Your game has changed. As your ability changes, your clubs should change with them. IF your game is improving and your handicap is dropping, you may want to upgrade your clubs that offer more substance and weight to help you make more progress. If you ae struggling, you should look for clubs that are more forgiving – for example, irons with more offset, or driver with more loft and more flex.

2)Your club is more than 3 years old. Improvements in golf technology happen every year. Experts agree that the longest you should go between purchasing new clubs is 3 years. Want to tell if your clubs have past the expiration date? go Golf Digest’s Obsolete list:

3)Your body has changed. You are not as strong and flexible as you once were, and your clubs need to reflect that. Adding more flex in your irons, adding more to your driver, may help you get back what you have lost in distance.

4)Your club have too much wear and tear. If your clubs have dents and scratches on the undersides, and the grooves have worn down. Its time for new clubs. If your grips are worn and the shafts are cracking – time for new clubs.

5)Your game has stalled. If you’re not making progress after hours and hours of practice and lessons, what’s holding you back might be your gear. You might not realize it, but your clubs might be affecting your swing or game-play for the worse. Just by adjusting your gear, you could see your scores start to go down!

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