Range Grass Will Open Thursday October 1

The range grass at Evies Golf Center and SchiavettaGolf Academy will officially reopen this Thursday, October 1st. All the old grass has been replaced by a new grass called ‘celebration’ grass. We want you to enjoy it as much as possible. Are you aware of ‘range etiquette’? Most golfers aren’t, so I am going to go over some basic rules so that you-  and the next golfer who comes to practice after you – has an enjoyable experience.

  1. Respect the Facility. Please follow the rules. Stay within the rope lines on the grass. **Please hit balls as close as possible to the last one to minimize the area torn up, and is easier to repair. See the pic below:**


2. Safety. Make sure you are far away enough from others so you don’t hit them. Try to be at least 2 driver lengths away from them to be safe. DO NOT walk ahead of range ropes to pick up any errant balls. You may get hit by a golf club or a ball!

3. Be Courteous. Remember you are sharing the range with others. Keep the noise down so you don’t disrupt others and keep your cell phone muted or at least low volume. If you need to take a call, walk away from the range and take the call. You are distracting others who are trying to concentrate on their swings!

4. Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you. Please don’t take range balls home with you. If you borrowed clubs, please return them.

5. Clean up after yourself. When you are finished practicing, please pick up and dispose of any soda or water bottles, used golf gloves, or anything that you have created as your trash. And though it is not mandatory, please pick up your range baskets and bring them back to ball machine or set them on the benches. No one wants to go to a practice spot and see garbage and range baskets strewn around.

So in review — be courteous, be considerate of others, and use common sense on the driving range. If everyone is aware of these ‘range etiquette rules’, then everyone will have an enjoyable experience.


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