Putting is 43% of your score..

They say putting is more of an ‘art’ than a ‘science’– but you need to know the mechanics before you can become an artist on the putting green.

DRILLS for PUTTING: Okay there are thousands of drills for putting, but I use these 3 a lot because it incorporates both the mechanics and the mental side of putting.

1) Putt between 2 clubs. This encourages a more square path back and through to ball. Keep your alignment line on the line going straight back and through. How your finish low and between the clubs. Teaches: shoulders rock up and down, they DO NOT TURN.

2) Clock Drill. Place 4 balls around hole about 2 feet away. Make all 4. If you miss one, start all over again. Once you make 4 in a row, move the golf balls back another foot. It gets harder as you go further away, but this is a great drill for teaching confidence.

3) Stepladder. Place a ball every 3 feet from the hole and go as far back as you wish. Start from close and work your way out. Replicate your real life playing – make a couple of practice strokes- the one you want to replicate when you actually put – and make that same stroke as your practice ones. Teaches: distance control.

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