Playing out of the Fescue (long grass)

You have managed to hit your tee shot into the fescue. You are in jail – or maybe not —

Your first order is to determine if you can have a swing at it and to get it out in one swing. It is very easy for the long grass to get wrapped around the hosel and shut the club face, leaving you with your ball going back into the fescue.

#1- Take your most lofted club and position ball back in your stance toward your back foot so you have a better chance of hitting the ball before grass wraps around club face.

#2- For right-handers (do opposite of what I’m writing for left-handers), a tighter grip with your left hand, because as club enters into grass you want to prevent the club from closing. Try to keep club open like you are hitting a sand shot – don’t try and release club like a regular shot.

#3- Hinge your wrists earlier in backswing to create a steeper path down up and down into ball to help get the ball up and out easier.

#4 – Good Luck! When you get in it, accept that  you have added an extra stroke to your score. Take your lumps and move on. Don’t have visions of greatness here or else you will end up back in the fescue again!

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