Jordan Spieth won the 2017 British Open by using the Rules of Golf to his advantage.

He took an unplayable lie from where his tee shot landed. Under penalty of 1 stroke, the options for an unplayable lie are:
1: Go back to where you last played;
2: Take two clubs lengths no nearer to the hole and drop a ball;
3: Take the line between the hole and the ball and go back as far as you want and drop a ball there.

Jordan chose option #3. He did not want to go back to the tee and replay from there – too risky as he might hit that same shot again. He could ┬ánot use the two club lengths as that would not get him out of the trouble. Option 3 was the best option for him. Notice how far back he went? Behind the equipment vans by the driving range. He made an amazing 5 from there. The rules are there to help you — know your rules! It will save you a few strokes – and in Jordan’s case — it was a BIG factor in him “righting the ship” and giving him confidence to finish strong and win.

There are 34 Rules of Golf – you don’t need to know them all by heart, BUT – you should know the rules for:
Ball out of bounds
Lost ball
Ball unplayable
Ball in water hazard
Playing a wrong ball

It is always a pleasure playing with golfers who know the basic rules of golf. Know your rules!

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