Is the “indian” or the “arrow” with your irons?

Is it you, the “indian’ — that is making the ball go left or right, or the “arrow” – the golf club, that is doing this? Now if your motion is not a consistent motion every time, then we need to work on the indian (you). But if you are making a consistent motion, then probably the lie angle needs to be adjusted. The lie angle of each club needs to be adjusted to ensure accuracy. If the lie angle is wrong, the ball will either go  left if the toe is up and right if the heal is up.


How many golfers have altered their swings in , or run screaming to the golf pro for emergency lessons because of balls that insist on going off to the left or right from ill-fitted lie angles, no matter how pure a swing they make? Most golfers automatically assume it’s their swing because most golfers have no idea that something called “lie angle” even exists. Most clubs are bought standard, off-the-rack, and most golfers have no idea of the importance of properly fitting lie angles to their size and swing.

Here’s the deal. When the club meets the ball, the sole of the head must be parallel to the ground, if it is, and if you have delivered the face square to your intended target, the ball will go straight every time. On the other hand, if the toe of the club is sticking up in the air so the  contact with the ground is toward the heel, you will tend to pull your shots to the left (for right handers). Here, the club head would be considered to be TOE UP for the player. We would need to have the sole adjusted flatter to the ground.

The opposite is true, if the club makes contact with the ground on the toe side of the sole, the club is considered too flat. In this situation, you will push the ball to the right when you make a swing, every time. It will drive you nuts!

So before you think it is your golf swing, make sure your lie angle are correct, for YOU.  I will be more than happy to help you find your correct lie angle!

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