How much should you ‘concentrate’ while playing golf?

You should be focused when you are out on the golf course. But sometimes, too much focus is not good for your golf!

Too much over thinking can cause undue stress and affect your play. Did you ever have to make a crucial putt for a birdie or par and took longer than usual to analyze and as a result missed the putt? Our brain over analyzes and second-guesses the motor skills that we have learned from hours and hours of practicing. Jamming your brain with information causes tension – the #1 killer of the golf swing. Work on your pre-shot routine and execute it every single time – from driving off the tee to putting. And DO NOT get overly mechanical with your swing thoughts or putting stroke. Just visualize your shot and trust yourself that you have executed this shot many times when practicing.

You see the pros on television where their pre-shot routine is the same every time. It gets them in a good visual and mental frame of mind to go ahead and let the physical take over. If something interrupts this routine, they start over.

Practice a pre-shot routine at the range and take it to the golf course. Remember  – don’t overthink!  Just play!

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