Drills to improve your Putting

Putting accounts for 43% of your total score. Do you practice with your putter? Below are a few drills to get your mechanics on track and get your confidence soaring:

  1. Putt between 2 clubs: Place a ball in between clubs, keep head down, and keep putter head moving toward hole. If the ball or your putter hits one of the alignment clubs then your are either a)using your wrists or b)turning your shoulders instead of rocking them up and down. This drill helps your mechanics as your shoulders should rock up and down and not around. Keeping the putter head going to the target helps eliminate wrist action.
  2. Stepladder Drill:   Place a ball starting from 2 feet from the hole and drop one every 2 feet until you reach 30 feet. (You can do less if space is limited). Start with the first one that is closest, make a couple of practice strokes, then make the putt! Remember to make practice strokes before you putt the real one so you can get a feel for how big a shoulder rocking you will be making. The further you go back, the bigger the length of your putter stroke, BUT IT IS NOT FASTER. JUST A BIGGER PUTTING STROKE.
  3. Clock Drill:  Place 4 balls around hole, starting from 2 feet out. Make all 4. If you miss one, start all over. No do overs or gimmes! When you make the 4 IN A ROW, then move balls out another foot out then do the same drill. It gets harder as you get further, but this drill builds up your confidence.

There are tons of drills to improve your putting. You may have others that you like. But whatever you practice, you must include in your practice time putting practice. It is a must if you want to lower your handicap.

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