Check Your Angles!

Proper set up to the ball and alignment to the target are critical in making a successful shot making. First – Posture. Bend from your hip, NOT your knees, keep a straight back, and chin up, and let your arms hang down in from of you. Your arms should be hanging straight down from your shoulder sockets,  NOT reaching out of your sockets, nor stuck close to your body. Now, just ‘unlock’ your knees (as opposed to bending them). You should set up to the the ball using a visual of 2 parallel  train tracks. The ball and the clubface are aligned AT the target (NOT your feet and hips) on the ‘outside’ train track. Your feet, knees, shoulders and hips should be on the ‘inside’ track of the train track. This is what I like to call a ‘stacked’ position. The goal is to have two parallel lines. Nothing is askew or out of line with the train tracks and your posture.

Try this: once you think your are aligned, you should be able to swivel your head and look straight down the target line – WITHOUT picking your head up. If you eyes are aligned left or right of your target, your your train tracks are off!

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