Adjusting your game for dry weather

When there is no rain in sight and the golf course dries out, here are a few tips for playing in dry weather conditions:

  1. Your drive off the tee will roll farther. That’s great news! You may get and extra 30-40 yards off your tee shots. However, be aware that with more roll comes with more risk: beware of those doglegs. If in normal conditions your tee shot would not make the corner of the dogleg, the dry conditions tee shot might go too far into the dogleg. Might have to hit a 3 wood or hybrid instead.
  2. Your pitching and chipping game plan may change. Hitting the hard green from a pitch may cause the ball to bounce off the back of the green. Better to try and chip it on and roll it up to the hole.
  3. Your approach to the green – use less club. Since the ball will bounce and roll once it has landed, you may have to choose less clubs and aim either just short of the green and let it bounce on  — or if the pin is in the back of green- choose a club that will land on  the front portion of the green so the ball will have room to roll to the back close to the pin.
  4. Change your golf gloves after every few holes. Nothing more gross that having a golf glove that is hot and your hand is swimming around in it. I always have a few extra golf gloves that I have stored in a ziplock storage bag  so I always have a fresh one available.

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