3 Biggest Shot-Wasters in Golf

The difference between a good round and a bad one is how well you avoid the 3 biggest shot-wasters in golf: 1)Penalty strokes when hitting longer clubs 2) Needing 2 short game shots to get the ball on the green and 3) Three-putting.

1) Short shots from around the green -You need to practice  short shots using an underhanded toss analogy while keeping your posture for the high shots. Useyour sand wedge or pitching wedge (though the sand wedge has more loft and will fly higher and land softer). For shots off the green to chip, most players use a pitching wedge/8 iron combo. The shorter the chip – use the pitching wedge — the longer chip – use the 8 iron. YOU NEED to have a grasp of these shots when you around the green.

2) Putting. You need to have a feel for the length of the putting stroke. Remember equal distance backswing =equal distance through swing — and SAME PACE. The longer the putt, the longer the putting stroke, NOT FASTER – keep the same pace/speed

3) Long Game  Most players fight a slice, so most golf course designers place trouble on the right side of the fairway. If you are fighting the slice while on the course, tee off from the right side of tee box and aim down left side of fairway.(For right handers). Off the course, practicing hitting balls with a golf club box or shoe box that is just outside of the golf ball. Try not to hit the box! Your will gradually learn to not have your shoulders and arms come “out and over” on your downswing that causes the slice path.

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