I met Mary in April 2013 near the of my 6 months in Sarasota. She came highly recommended by another golf instructor who had recently retired. When a man recommends a woman, you just know she is going to be something special, and she is. She is the first PGA instructor who made me feel she understood my frustration. I’m a 5 foot 2 inch woman who wants to hit the ball straight and far enough to par a few holes. Her lessons were delivered in plain English with no fancy terms that I didn’t understand. Her training tips put me on the right path. Besides her teaching skills, she has a way of making her clients feel confortable, relaxed and capable of playing a better game. Being a lefty, all demonstration was backwards for Mary, but that didn’t slow her down a bit –  she simply swung lefty. My man and I are excited about returning to Sarasota in the fall and taking up where we left off. If you are serious about improving your game, I suggest you give her a call.

MW, Ontario