I met Mary in April 2013 near the of my 6 months in Sarasota. She came highly recommended by another golf instructor who had recently retired. When a man recommends a woman, you just know she is going to be something special, and she is. She is the first PGA instructor who made me feel she understood my frustration. I’m a 5 foot 2 inch woman who wants to hit the ball straight and far enough to par a few holes. Her lessons were delivered in plain English with no fancy terms that I didn’t understand. Her training tips put me on the right path. Besides her teaching skills, she has a way of making her clients feel confortable, relaxed and capable of playing a better game. Being a lefty, all demonstration was backwards for Mary, but that didn’t slow her down a bit –  she simply swung lefty. My man and I are excited about returning to Sarasota in the fall and taking up where we left off. If you are serious about improving your game, I suggest you give her a call.

MW, Ontario

We moved to Florida, and since that allowed us to play year-round, we opted for lessons in hopes to make our golf play worthwhile. We found the SchiavettaGolf academy through some great online reviews, and after just one single one hour lesson, Mary was able to determine and correct some of our top mistakes; both my wife and I now have noticeable consistency in our drives with far better accuracy and distance. What impressed me most with Mary is that since I’m not a routine practiced golfer I obviously do a lot wrong. Mary was able to to allow me to mentally  trust the club and to let go and allow the club to follow through to a finish — it worked! Her ability to determine what I go through mentally by my mechanics really aided me in connecting some of my fundamental mistakes. My wife and I both agree lessons with Mary will pay off in building our confidence and desire to golf year-round. Many thanks Mary!

Fran and Olvy, Sarasota, FL

I think the short game school was the best lesson I have taken — and I’ve taken a lot of lessons since I started playing two years ago. You are a great teacher! To make a lesson relevant for 6 people with varying degrees of skill is no small feat. You know how to make explanations understandable. I’ll be back for sure!

Cindy M., Sarasota, FL

Mary is a fantastic teacher. She keeps the tips flowing, and if at first you don’t succeed, she keeps tacking to new courses until she finds something that really hits home with you. Mary always had a plan for each of my lessons, yet she wasn’t going through some pre-formatted coaching regimen; she sincerely tried to find out about my game, my strengths, weaknesses and tendencies and worked hard to discover what would work for me. She has got a ton of catchy sayings to help you remember things, too, and she also has the tools to analyze your swing speed, mechanics, and drive distances. Mary is a skilled athlete who doesn’t take the game or herself too seriously — which makes her the perfect coach for beginners and veterans alike. Easy to talk to, funny, and very professional, I highly recommend Mary!

Rich G., Saudi Arabia